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Hachaklait by the farmers, for the farmers since 1919


Since our establishment in 1919, our company is owned by the farmers it serves. We operate as a Mutual Society.

Our market share is 99% of large farms and 83% of small farms operating in Israel today

We play a major role in the Israeli food producing animal industry and are one of the largest veterinary groups in the world

We have Over 90 years of experience serving farmers all over the country

36 vets serve as district practitioners. 9 junior vets operate as relief (locum) for the district vets and for special tasks

All 45 veterinary practitioners are employed full time to provide all services from routine daily visits through treating ailments and diseases to emergency and life threatening situations, constantly insuring the best possible care for the cattle in need

Our services are given 24/7, year round

Hachaklait handles all registration, import and distribution of a wide range of drugs, vaccinations and equipment and working under strict GMP standards

We strongly advocate low and rational drug use and prevention of drug residues from entering into the food chain


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